Overview about myself.


I make old software related videos, develop mobile apps at work and develop whatever I could be able to at home.

Content creation

My YouTube channel mostly consists of demonstrating old malware, software and whatever else that might look interesting to me. I don't stream on Twitch, though it may happen at some time.

I only post few notifications for new content on Twitter and Tumblr, but not much else other than that due to hostile destruction of useful stuff that disappears at some moment.


I have average experience in mobile application development for Android and iOS platform. Along with mobile development, I also have some average experience in desktop and web development for JVM platform.

I use Kotlin as a primary programming language for JVM and Android (hopefully, that may also involve iOS, too).

At work, things get difficult to work with due to deadlines, sometimes insane demands by clients and trying to fix some apps that were developed by others.

At home, I try to prioritize keeping things stupid simple and compatible with legacy systems, if possible.