HypnOS Console commands + Extras

2020-12-16 17:13:02.116

To access the console, simply enter BIOS mode with "B" key, check the Console option and continue boot. Use tilde key (~) to toggle the console.

Checking a suspicious copy of APK that contains Metasploit framework backdoor

2020-06-04 16:41:11.062

Few weeks or months ago, some guy asked for help on Discord server of r/androiddev (the subreddit that should be avoided due to moderator hostility at...

Fixing broken network connection on VirtualBox caused by DNS

2020-04-07 19:11:55.612

While working on video recording of DungCoi worm, there was a random loss of network connection on VirtualBox virtual machine running Windows XP. I wa...

Dead End

2020-01-01 00:00:00.000

This article does not exist.