Based on things that I might figure out or consider mentioning, this should be the place where such things could be written.

Day 3 @ FOSDEM 2023

Time to pack up. Had to wonder how am I going to reach the airport again. Next time, I'm going with Brussels Airport as flight destination.

Day 2 @ FOSDEM 2023

Another day, another part of the event. Once again, getting a bit late and all that, but even today went quite well.

Day 1 @ FOSDEM 2023

Finally, the first day of the event. Had to prepare at least so I can at least arrive at the event. However, things can go wrong at any point.

Day 0 @ FOSDEM 2023

I've decided to plan going to FOSDEM 2023 within 2 weeks, I think I remembered seeing it on PINE64EU website. Too much time was spent to find best fare and booking prices. Hell, with few delays, prices went up, but I did finally manage to reserve both on time.

Enabling Hypii on Linux version of Hypnospace Outlaw

If you've ever played Hypnospace Outlaw and ran it on Linux version, you probably wondered why Hypii is not working. Basically, devs couldn't find a way to enable TTS on Linux since it's so complex in general. This guide will try to at least give you some way to get Hypii functional again.

Suspicious Metasploit APK from Discord server

Few weeks or months ago, some guy asked for help on Discord server of r/androiddev subreddit. He kept asking everyone to checkout his app without explaining the actual problem. He did not provide any explanation about the problem, nor he provided any source code.

Fixing broken network connection on VirtualBox caused by DNS

While working on video recording of DungCoi worm, there was a random loss of network connection on VirtualBox virtual machine running Windows XP. I was quite pissed off as I couldn't work on new content any further.

Hypnospace Outlaw - HypnOS Console commands + Extras

There are various commands available in HypnOS through console. Take note that these commands can damage your HypnOS operating system. Use at your own risk (basically, your save file might go haywire, not your actual operating system). This was written during the time when the latest version of HypnOS 2.00 (build shown from BIOS), behavior or console commands may vary.

PixelWhimsy Notes

This software is kid friendly by isolating most of inputs outside of it. However, it's definitely hostile to adults. I'll provide some notes here.

Modding a flash game for April Fools

Flash games are a part of the Internet's history. You could find so many things, including modded variants of those. I was wondering if I could make one of games to switch from fancy to cursed insanity with few changes.


This is a quite unique program published back in 2001 by Kurzweil CyberArt Technologies and originally made by Harold Cohen. It's able to generate paintings that contain people, plants, basic shapes and simple paintings (not recursive).

Funny Key Sound

This program, called "Funny Key Sound" doesn't have any documentation. No readme, no license, nothing. The only thing this thing has is the program itself, voice resources and the uninstaller.

Overloading Re-Volt with Pick-Ups

I'll give a short explanation about overloading the game with Pick-Ups. You'll need a copy of the game, activated cheat code and any kind of macro key utility.