There are many other websites that has stuff. It's better to explore the web with everyone having their own individual website instead of relying on social platforms only.


Repository and community for beta and abandoned software.


Blog about configuring GNU/Linux-based operating system servers.

Flashpoint archive

The project for preserving web games.

Brad Corrupts

Works on making video compilations of ROM corruption iterations.


Demonstrates various old malware, mostly viruses and worms.


Nearly an architect and furry artist.


Threat Intel Analyst, great at researching mostly anything related to security.

Internet Archive

Digital library with a large collection of various things, along with Wayback Machine web browsing service.

Jay Tholen

Game designer, retro-styled artist, music composer. Worked on Hypnospace Outlaw as lead designer and on Dropsy as creator.

Jeff Parsons

Developed PCjs, a project for emulating old computer platforms through script on web.

Adam's personal website about software development and old programs.

Mike Lasch

Game developer and occasional part-time worker. Working on Hypnospace Outlaw and Dreamsettler.


Experienced developer who made Fix10 utility to improve Windows 10 usability, along with few more tools and occasionally helps with development troubleshooting.


Developed sound system library that's used in Minecraft, ported Mupen64+ to Android, working on ARTUR artificial intelligence.


Sells devices with open source software, including PinePhone, Pinebook and Pinetab, shipping from EU.

Richard Matthew Stallman

Launched GNU Project, founded Free Software Foundation, main author of GNU General Public License (GPL).


Australian speedrunner, usually streams speedruns (occasionally Super Meat Boy).

The Eye

Open directory data archive platform.


South African British-accented let's player lady playing various range of nostalgic, horrific and fancy games.


Developer who made Need For Speed III and Need For Speed IV modern patches and various useful utilities.

Very Secret Agency

Solid security analyst and researcher.


Repository of source code, samples and documentation related to malware.


Classic web search engine.

Wiktor Stribog

Director, musician, illustrator. Worked on "Smile Guide, Mushroom Land TV" (Poradnik Uśmiechu, Kraina Grzybów TV) series.