Things that I've personally worked on. They are mostly made as a hobby, but that doesn't mean they can't be good. Though, this list could've been bigger if you've seen amount of unfinished projects.

CSV to Localization Converter

Convert CSV formatted text translation strings into Android or iOS compatible formats.


Frontend of USGS earthquake database showing recent earthquakes.


Client for self-hosted Texas Hold'em poker game. Create a room, share room ID, let others join and hope things don't break while playing.

Hypnospace Module to MIDI Converter

Convert Hypnospace Outlaw Module (HSM) files to MIDI sequence.

Hypnospace Page to HTML Converter

Convert Hypnospace Outlaw Page (HSP) files to HTML format.


Simple launcher for Android.

Markdown to HTML Web Server

Host a web server with markdown content.

Message Box Generator

Generate message box images.


Open implementation of Alchemy Deluxe game from PopCap Games.

SVG to Assets Converter

Convert SVGs into Android or iOS compatible asset formats.

Wayback Machine Proxy Server

Browse the old web through a proxy that uses Wayback Machine from Internet Archive.