Like most of the world, I'm also on other sites and platforms, doing whatever stuff that can be done.


Not much of activity in here from my side, but it's usually a great place to discuss anything about old software.


Currently inactive, I did some translation and proofreading for Minecraft long time ago, but I've decided to abandon it since things went worse for the game on its own.


I'm in various servers, including VXUG, Hypnospace Outlaw, The Steel Sewer, Brad Corrupts, ShootMania Speedball and PINE64 in this case. I usually don't add users that are not on mutual server.

Internet Archive

Some things that I've found around have been uploaded in here, though it's roughly unmaintained.


Another platform where I stream simultaneously, like on YouTube primarily.


I'm generally using GitHub for the sake of providing git repositories if others want to access it from there.


Not that much active over there since things went for worse, specifically going with new UI. You can send me a message over there if you want to.


Yeah, I play games. It's always good to give some time to enjoy playing something, especially with friends. Though, I don't add people these days since most of the invites are incoming from scammers with similar patterns saying they are like trusted and all that stuff with TF2, but their inventory is private (generally a red flag in many cases).


There is nothing else on this thing except for video posts.


I'm not that much active, though I do streaming whenever I do it on YouTube, too.


The blue bird thingy that was generally hit by a mathematical symbol 𝕏, that's where I rarely try to post tweets since it's becoming quite a mess.

Still, you can ask for direct message if needed.


Pretty much one of primary social platforms that I'm still trying to stay on. At some point, I'm doing either a stream or uploading a video at some point.

Feel free to check my channel and leave a comment if you still need something or have any feedback.